Thursday, April 17, 2008

"W" is for...Whirlpool

So anyone who knows me, knows that I am HORRIBLE at laundry. If you have ever caught me in the midst of my endless laundry piles I will often say "I can wash OR dry OR fold OR put away, but I can't do all of them at the same time". This is so true even now, but I have to share with you the love affair I have with my Whirlpool Washer.

On our recent trip to Utah I realized just how much I missed it. We were gone for 2 weeks and obviously had to do several loads of laundry at several different places along the way. This is when I realized how much I LOVED my washer and dryer. At home I never had to worry that something had come clean. Or that the clothes needed an extra 10 minutes of dry time or washed again because the soap was still clumpy all over in our clothes, or not clean.

I am one of those people who most often makes bad decisions on big ticket items. Therefore resulting in buyers remorse and hating the object every time I use it wishing it were different. Not this time. Determined not to make yet another bad decision, I started researching. I polled friends, family, neighbors, searched stores, pondering what I wanted. I finally decided on the Whirlpool Duet Sport with pedestals and thus began my love affair. Not with laundry, but with clean.

I am amazed that I can put my kids chocolate, koolaide, spaghetti stained shirts in the washer and they come out sparkling clean. Avalon the queen of blowouts has not ruined one outfit yet thanks to my washer. The dryer is wonderful as well. My clothes don't seem to be as wrinkled and dry in a mere 23 minutes and seem to smell all that much better. Oh and did I mention the entertainment it provides for the kids. My kids think it is better than TV. They will watch most of a 54 minute cycle while I fold clothes, watching for their clothes as they turn about. All this and it is SUPER energy efficient, what more could a girl want? So may I say if you are in the market for the most AMAZING laundry experience, buy a Whirlpool Duet will not be disappointed.

So here is a big hug and kiss to my laundry pair. I may not like to use them, but when I do it's a job well done on their part.

5 comments: said...

I totally agree! I bought those when we moved to Iowa because my laundry room is in the basement so I needed something that I could shove a ton of stuff in and it would clean and when I came down to get the stuff 2 hours or so later it would be dry, my other dryer I would always have to start again it was a pain. Laundry is never fun but man if you got to do it at least with these you can get it done in 1/2 the time!

erica grover said...

someday i will have that lovely set you have pictured! someday... :)

I absolutely detest laundry. We usually live out of clean clothes piles for a few weeks before i force myself to fold all the clothes. UGH!!

Lisa-Marie said...

AND, they are pretty too! Can't beat that!

Maybe we'll have have to use our tax returns next year on a beautiful pair of those babies! I too have to run my dryer twice. What a pain!

AndersonGR8 said...

JoAnn - you might be one of my favorite daughter in laws but when it comes to this post i have only one comment -- drop the product endorsements and get back to cute stories and pictures about my wonderful grand kids - or that almost perfect like his father husband of yours. Love, Pops

Debbi said...

I am completly jealous of your set. I like mine and it works just fine, but a front loading one would be WONDERS! I actually think anything that can do a big load is great, when I go to my parents or my inlaws it drives me crazy how small their washers are!