Sunday, March 30, 2008

"C" is for Catch Up

I know you are so SHOCKED!!! So I have become the annoying blogger who doesn't update their posts!! I really wanted to stay on top of this......but as most things in my life go, I get lazy and behind. So here is an attempt to "catch up" for the last few months.

We were faced with a major change in our lives at the end of January when Monte was downsized from his job at Wells Fargo. February was spent with him searching for the perfect job (much of the reason my computer time was cut short). Monte spent a few days in Seattle interviewing. We also had two "fives" to celebrate. Anali turned 5 and Avalon 5 months.
Anali blowing out the candles on her cake.

Avalon enjoying her favorite thing at FIVE months.....a soak in the sink!

March brought in the sights of spring!! Many job offers and New employment, a long 3000 mile road trip, visits to Family and the fun of Easter traditions. The month comes to a close with chunky monkey Avalon celebrating 6 months. I will be trying to post events from our family trip in greater detail in the days to come.

Monte is now employed at John Deere Credit. It has been quite a change for him after working for Wells Fargo for 10 years, but a wonderful opportunity and super exciting for our John Deere enthusiast Aden.

Fun times with our cousins in Idaho. Aden, Natalie, Anali, Ashlie and Gavin enjoying each other!
The kids Easter attire after 3 hours of church, but their faces are all that matter, right!

My plans are in full swing for summer. We are ready for the warmth of the sun to hopefully tan our whitened skin and a few summer activities and weekend trips to keep us busy.