Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"O" is for...One

Avalon has turned ONE!!! It is unbelievable that a year has passed. Time just goes too fast, especially in the life of a baby.

Besides Avalon being a little under the weather, she had a pretty great birthday! We did a fun little duckie theme and it was bright and cheery.

The day started off with a trip to pick-up balloons. Avalon loved them and I dare say it was her favorite part of her birthday. Which I am such a good Mom that I didn't even take a picture of her playing with them.
We then got all ready for her party. Iced the cake and wrapped presents all while she took a short nap.
After Dad got home we started the fun stuff and opened presents. It was really sweet as a lot of the kids from the neighborhood knew it was her birthday and stopped by with a little gift for her. She got some fun things, her most favorite being a doll. She also got a fun little purse, outfits, stuffed animals and a music maker. She also got a special "Jade" bracelet from Grandma and Grandpa Anderson, since her middle name is Jade.

Of course all the neighbor girls had to stay for cake, so we had quite a crowd for the big moment. It started with Avalon jumping up and down to get to the cake, which we put on the table due to my last 2 kids making such messes. Once the candle was blown out she went right for it, poked a finger in the frosting and started screaming. Every time she touched the cake she would cry. She was scared to death of it! We finally got her to take a duck off and suck on it, but she was having nothing to do with taking hand fulls and piling it in her mouth. By this point she was cranky and tired and just wanted to go to bed. It was the end of a very long and special day of turning One!!!