Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"W" is for...WHAT!!!

That's right WHAT!!! I looked at the calendar today and realized that it was the END OF JULY! I'm not sure what has happened to June but it is gone as is July for the most part.

I am a slacker on the posting front. I have no excuse for the lack of posts, but a promise to try and do better. Here are some of our summer highlights....

Jumping on the Tramp with the sprinkler (until the 90 mile winds blew it over the fence)

Staying cooled off while eating popcorn and watching a show with friends

Enjoying the first sparkler on 4th of July

A trip to Minnesota to enjoy one of their 10,000 lakes, the beach and friends

Lego Land

Nickelodeon Universe and Mall of America

Avalon Turning 8 Months

Nine Months

And today 10 Months.

We have also.....

  • had a flooded basement
  • enjoyed Gymnastic Classes
  • rode lots of miles on our bikes
  • eaten our fair share of ice cream
  • learned to crawl, pull-up and climb the stairs
  • enjoyed lots of time with our friends
  • taken walks to the library
  • jury duty all of July
  • enjoyed our first dance class
  • been sick on and off this summer
  • been getting ready for a Gymnastics Meet
  • and are currently taking swimming lessons.

So there you have our summer in a nut shell. Hopefully there will be some time before school to slow down and breath!