Monday, June 22, 2009

"Z" is for Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well our precious 21 month old Avalon continues to amuse us with her antics.

Last night while wishing our father's a Happy Father's Day, I continued to hear the normal noises of Avalon getting to sleep. She was noisier than normal so I went to check on her after the call. She was asleep, but had decided that she needed to gather a "few" of her favorite things to cuddle up with to go to sleep.

After unloading her bed, I found this list of things that she apparently could not sleep without.
1 baby crib, a doll, a blue hippo, her Sunday dress, a pair of Anali's pajamas, a plastic horse, the rider, a gate to the toy stable, an animal hospital, a purple bead toy, a purse, and 14 books (or bookas as she likes to call them). 25 of an almost 2 year old's favorite things!

Other than that, summer is upon us with 100 degree days and way too much humidity. The kids are loving the time outside and us parents are just trying to keep up.