Saturday, May 17, 2008

"3" is for...a 3 year old boy.

Well Aden (aka Superman, Big Brother, Spiderman, Googer, and Binky Boy) made it to another birthday and as usual was spoiled much more than needed. He has been into superheroes lately and his birthday was a true reflection of this latest craze.

Aden started the birthday celebration out with a new Superman shirt - so we can now finally take off the old Superman tanktop and get it in the wash.
He decided that he wanted to go to the park for his birthday and have McDonalds for lunch. The adults picked up Panera sandwiches and salads and then we picked up Happy Meals for Aden and Anali. The kids had a blast enjoying one of the first really nice days of 2008 and spent a little too much time in the sun, as evidenced by the rosy glow to their noses and arms.

We then had present time and Aden was spoiled with lots of superhero clothes, books, swords, etc. Everything that a little boy loves! He finished off the presents with a little treasure hunt that led him to a motorized jeep. It was a great capping point to a fun celebration.

The party ended with a Superman cake (go figure) and the day's activities wore the kids down enough to ensure they were fast asleep at a decent hour.

The next year for Aden is sure to bring many more wonderful memories and adventures!


Taylor said...

Can't believe Aden is three - I remember when we babysat him at like 3 months. That is still how I remember him. Looks like you had such a fun day - we love the pictures and the update. Have a Great Day!

Becky T said...

What a cute boy, JoAnn!! Isn't it crazy how fast our boys have grown up, though?! I can't believe I have a 3 year old. :) It looks like he and Tyler could seriously be best buds, though! Happy belated birthday, Aden!

Anne-Marie said...

little kid birthdays are the best! I wish we could get so excited for our own bdays :)

K&L said...

Jo Ann, he's SO cute!!! What more could a little three-year-old boy ask for?!?!? I didn't realize Aden and Phoebee were so close in age, she just turned three on May 1st... cute! oh, and CUTE cake! xoxo-Lindsay (nelson)

AndersonGR8 said...

What cute kids. Wish i could have been there at the big event. Grandma has all the fun. Sure love you kids and i look forward to seeing you all. Enjoy growing up with a good mom and dad!

Andrea said...

Wow!! Happy very (late) Birthday wish to Aiden!! It looks like you put on quite the cool superman party! How fun for him. I LVOE his cute cake :)

Andrea said...

oops! I really do know how to spell his name sorry... Aden!!!

PS I hope you had better luck with the weather this weekend for family pics, than we did! I can't wait to see how they turn out! :)