Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"D" is for...Dreams do come True

It is True!!!! Dreams do come true and not just at Disney World. Aden's dream came true in the good ol' Avalon. Grandpa took Aden up in the field on the John Deere Backhoe and dug a "Big, Big, hole". Aden was so serious the whole time. I think he loved it, even though in the pictures he doesn't really look like it. He said he was concentrating. Once the hole was dug, he was so proud of himself!

He also went for several rides on the 4-wheeler, not as exciting as the Backhoe, but still pretty fun. I think it is so funny that he is so serious in all these pictures. He is concentrating so hard and taking it all in that if he smiles he might miss something.

Thanks to Grandpa for making Aden's year and taking the time to make his dreams come true!!


Becky T said...

Oh my goodness, SO fun! That top picture is priceless. I'm sure he was so proud of himself, it's so cute! Isn't visiting grandparents just the BEST?!

eRiCa said...

SO COOL!! I love the look of concentration on his face while digging the big hole. What a cool grandpa. I'm sure that will be a cherished memory for all involved.

p.s. I'm so sad that I no longer get to visit teach you! Totally and completely bummed!

Debbi said...

OH, noah and gage are inspecting every picture of this now and mad I made it go to another screen! haha! Don't think that Wade thinks of everything - he had to call me and ask where the camera was while he was doing that!