Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Anali celebrated her FIFTH Birthday in the best way a girly girl can. She had a glamour party with 5 of her closest friends. They were taken to the Salon for makeovers, where they transformed the girls from little cuties to beautiful princesses. All including hair, make-up and polished nails.

This is the group of girls before their makeovers......

And this is the end result from the front....and from the back.

Lastly we ended the day by eating pizza (Anali's pick) and returning home to unveil the much anticipated present. Dad had worked on this all day and just before bed we led Anali down to our basement where from wall to wall was a TRAMP. Yes we were crazy enough to put a full sized tramp on cinder blocks in our basement. We knew that this was the one and only thing that Anali really wanted and to us it just did not seem fair to give her a box and say "when it gets warm you can have your present" so Monte being the great Dad that he is began measuring spaces in our house that a 14 foot tramp may fit. For a while the location was to be my living room, which I was finally able to talk him out of as he realized we would have to crawl on our hands and knees to have access to our 2nd floor. The tramp has been a wonderful addition to our house and it is a favorite of every child that comes to our house. We are hoping for spring to come and then it will be moved permanently to our back yard. I am only afraid that the kids will expect it to be moved back to the basement next winter. I do believe Anali had a great Birthday and the Tramp was the topping on the cake! I'm not sure where the last 5 years have gone, but we love Anali and all the spice she adds to our family. Happy Birthday Princess!!!


eRiCa said...

SO FUN!! Did you just call up a salon or was it a salon that offered that sort of thing! Such a rad idea!! And I can't believe you got the tramp to fit in the basement! I'm sure she was in heaven!! What awesome parents you guys are!

Andrea said...

oh wow!!! what a FUN birthday party...seriously those girls probably had such a BLAST!! cute pics, and oh my what a cool present...geez i wished my parents would have bought me a trampoline that fit in our basement!!!!