Thursday, February 14, 2008

"L" is for...Love Day!

Were DOG-GONE Crazy about YOU!!!
I LOVE Valentines Day!!! Next to Christmas it is the best crafting day of the year. I had so much fun making the above Valentines with Anali for her PreSchool Class. I just think they are the cutest! She was such a little perfectionist with the placement of the the noses and eyes and I think she had fun, and if not she humoured me.
My favorite memory of Valentines day(and the week leading up to it) is that of my Grandma's Valentine Cookies. When I was little and starting school my Grandma used to make these Gigantic heart cookies. They had a lacey frosting around the edge, and my name boldy spelled in the middle. Every Valentines day from Kindergarten, and maybe before, clear up until my senior year my Grandma would ask for my Valentine list. She would then make a special oversized cookie for every person on the list. Teachers got an even bigger and more special cookie. Grandma did this for every Grandchild she had, and even hand delivered them to those who lived farther away. I think I once heard her say that she had made almost 600 cookies at one time.
It was quite the process. She worked on them for days and days. I remember walking down to her house and watching, sometimes even helping. Mostly I would sneak cookie dough and of course wanted to be there when she wrote the names of those in my class. Everyone that was ever in my class LOVED getting a extra large and oversized Valentine cookie. I was so proud to pass these out and I felt so special. I would love to carry on the same wonderful tradition, but thanks to the "no baking" rules at schools they have totally ruined it for me.
I just wanted to take a little trip down memory lane.
My Grandma is such a wonderful, selfless and talented person and I miss not seeing her more. I espicially miss her around Valentines day and other holidays that she has made special traditions for. Today would be perfect if I had a hand delivered Valentine cookie from Grandma. I guess I will have to attempt baking these special cookies once agian this year. Happy Valentines Day Grandma Parrish, we Love You!!! Thanks for making heart day so special for me each and every year. Your the greatest!!!!


erica grover said... do you come up with these things? Im so using that one next year! :)

i'll give you a call as well...but dont forget about our VT brunch at emily's on tuesday 2/19 at 10 :) i look forward to VT because it's really the only time I get to see you and you're so much fun to hang out with! are you going to the play group tomorrow?

cshel said... have an awesome Grandma!!

I love your cow - so cute.

Haley said...

I did mail your swap gift- but it was late due to the little one being sick on the 11th and 12th. Sorry for the delay you should be getting it anyday now. actually you should get it today! again I am sorry looks like it will be the holiday that keeps on giving! LOL