Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"D" is for...Deep Water

So what do you do when you are 4 and 2 and locked in the house for days on end? PRETEND!

Three is the number of days my house has been full of "deep water". Two is the number of beaches we have in our house. One is the number of outfits that the kids have worn for 3 solid days. One is also the number of water guns defending the "deep water". Thier imaginations are in full swing!! My living room has been turned into the deep ocean, complete with bad guys, mermaids, sharks, superman, sun, boats, a beach and of course a water gun. I am amazed that a little boy and girl wearing swimming suits and one play gun can be entertainment for 3 solid days.
Aden has developed a new lazer vision used for fighting bad guys in the deep water. He calls it "power eyes"! This is Aden's spin on Superman's heat vision. This action is being used for every single thing now days and looks something like below, with a sssssppppppp sound attatched to it.

In the last three days I have walked into the living room and been grabbed by a shark attacking me. I have also been saved from drowning by Superman. I have been able to sun bathe on the beach while watching kids jumping into the water. All this in the dead of winter!!! Now if only I had a tan.My favorite thing about this is that Anali and Aden are finding out how great it is to be brother and sister. I also love that they get up each morning planning thier day at the beach and go straight from thier PJ's to swim suits. I love that Aden has at least 5 other suits, but he picks the one that is too small for him and constantly pulls it down so it will cover his belly. I love that they have such imaginations. I love that they know how to play so nice together. I love that Anali and Adens swim suits match! But most of all I love that they LOVE each other!!!!

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erica grover said...

you're such a RAD mom!! Seriously...you let them wear swimsuits and everyting...AWESOME! your kids have such great imaginiations..I LOVE IT!