Monday, February 11, 2008

"F" is for...Frosty the Snowman

Due to the recent snow storms that have kept us home from work and school we decided to make it into a fun time and this is the result.
They were finally able to put to good use the Snowman kit that I made for them. I had so much fun making the kits (I made a total of 12 for Christmas gifts) that I only hope they had as much fun using it. I think it made the building of a snowman a little more fun, if I do say so myself. All three kids have a great time in the snow. That would be Monte, Anali and Aden. They have spent many hours shoveling snow and Aden has even gotten out his dear old friend the lawnmower and "snow mowered" the back yard. We only wish that the snow was more snow man building friendly (it is always to light and fluffy) and that the tempature reached above zero. The last week has been down right miserable!!! We are all going a little stir crazy and need some fresh air that doesn't freeze your spit when you open your mouth. Until the weather cooperates so that we can enjoy the out of doors once again, we will continue using our imaginations inside and try to stay warm.


AndersonGR8 said...

What a great looking snowman. I think we will have to take our snowman kit up in the mountains if we want to put it to good use. Great pictures and fun!

eRiCa said...

i have yet to make a snowman this winter....your pictures make me want to even more!

And how cute are you making snowman kits....I'll have to keep that in mind for gifts this coming Christmas!