Monday, December 31, 2007

"S" is for...Santa came to Town

Christmas Morning was a great time at our house. Not only did our kids sleep in until 7:30, the latest they had slept in weeks, but they were also VERY excited. Aden and Anali are at such perfect ages for all the fun of Christmas.

Santa did indeed find our house and spoiled our kids to no end. They each loved their gifts from Santa and we had a great time watching as they played with their new found favorite toy.

Aden asked for a "work bench like Daddy's" and that is what he got. He loves building the little mini tool box, and the little flashlight that lights up his work bench. I think he is pretty happy with Santa.
Anali had a long list for Santa and he chose to bring her "My little Pet Shops". She has had fun decorating the rooms in the house and playing on the Gondola with her pets. She chooses to wake up at 5 am and turn on all the lights downstairs so she can create a perfect play house with her pets, all this instead of watching TV. I think she likes it!!!
Avalon was a little harder for Santa to pick something for, but decided on this counting piggy bank. She seemed to like the music and voices coming from it, one things for sure if she doesn't like it Big Brother and Sister do.

Christmas morning was a mess of paper throwing and piles and piles of toys and clothes. Needless to say I think we were all treated very well for Christmas, we all must have been on the good list. Here are several of the favorite gifts that the kids opened up.

Aden's John Deer Tractor and Garbage Truck were sure winners with him. He loads garbage with his tractor and dumps it with his garbage truck. He thinks it is great fun!

Two sure hits with Anali were the Dress-up Trunk and her Leapster. Ever since Christmas you can find her in one of the dresses from the trunk playing her leapster. She thinks she is such a big girl and I would have to agree.Dad and Aden were surprised to get a present to both of them. They got a ship building lego set that blasts cannons. I am tired of the little balls all over the house already, but they have had some really great "cannon wars" and enjoy building crazy lego creations together.
One of the cutest gifts was that of their Webkins. Aden and Anali each got one and they LOVE them. They have been named (Froggy and Sparkly) very original if I must say so myself. They have decorated their homes online and they are sure to feed Froggy and Sparkly each day. They both think it was very nice of Avalovely to give them these new Webkins. Avalovely is our other Webkin that we have had for several months (a gift to Avalon hence the name). Out of the blue Anali will say "it was so nice of Avalovely to give us new webkins". I think she thinks Avalovely is real....which is so cute and naive. They are the animals that they both chose to go to sleep with and the ones that get carried all around. I am so glad that they have something that they can enjoy together as Brother and Sister.

Thanks to Grandmas and Grandpas for making Christmas so special for us as we are away from you all during the holidays. What a MERRY Christmas we had.

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