Thursday, December 27, 2007

"E" is for...Eve of Traditions

Christmas Eve, what a fun filled and exciting day!!! Our kids were so well behaved and the holiday excitement was in the air. Anali controlled her need for presents pretty well, however Aden was the one begging "me open present now" most of the day.
So here is how our Eve of Traditions unfolded. We started the day out with lots of relaxing in a clean and mostly organized house. Monte of course running to town to do his last minute Christmas shopping (when will he ever learn?). Our relaxing consisted of......
lots of cuddles,
snow fun for a good 2 hours solid,and reading a Creating Keepsakes magazine that the mailman was nice enough to deliver on Christmas Eve....what a great surprise!
Prime Rib Feast!!! Super delicious.
Reenactment of Nativity with special speaking parts for the kids.
Aden's part was telling Mary "No room at inn" and Anali saying "lets just stay in the stable". Avalon did her part perfect which was "laying still and not crying".
We headed outside with Reindeer Food in hand to mark the path for Rudolph.
Back inside we dressed in Christmas PJ's. Opened Gifts,
and left a plate for Santa.
Anali decided that we could leave Santa some Cake and Milk instead of cookies because maybe he would "be bored of too many cookies".

And off to bed to dream of sugar plums in their heads!!!!

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eRiCa said...

ummm how cute are your kids in their Nativity garb!! Such a classic picture...I can't wait to have one of my own!