Saturday, December 22, 2007

"C" is for...Christmas Crafts

We have been crafting away here at the Andersons. In preparation for the upcoming holiday, we made Reindeer Root beer and Reindeer Food to take to all of our friends and neighbors. It is always so fun to watch Anali carefully assemble a craft and Aden who always wants to help. So this year Aden had the very big job of filling the baggies with oatmeal and glitter for the Reindeer food, and I must say he only spilled a little....I was so impressed. As for Anali she was in charge of putting the eyes and noses on the bottles. She was so sure to place them just right and I think she pulled each eye off and replaced it at least 3 times per eye per bottle, can you say "little perfectionist". I of course was in charge of the labels and antlers, with lots of assistance from both Anali and Aden. Avalon had to join the fun as well and spent some of the time sitting on Mom's lap. So here are a few pictures of the assembly line craft process and the end result. We have crafted, delivered and wished Merry Christmas to all, and what fun we have had!

Anali working so hard at pulling off the A&W labels so they can be replaced with the "special" Anderson Home Crafted ones.
Aden helping Anali with the task of adding the Rudolph noses. The finished product.....a fun little treat for all our friends.

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