Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"S" is for...Sailing

As a gift on Father's Day we gave Monte Sailing Lessons. I know you are all wondering "Sailing Lessons in Iowa" I too was surprised, but they exist. They are taught on Grey's Lake by the cutest 80 year old man named Dick and the best part is that they are super inexpensive.

Monte came home from his first lesson with a smile on his face and a little bounce to his step. He had a great time and the wind cooperated for the most part. There were a few "Chris Farley" moments on the lake but he seemed to enjoy it.

We joined him on his last day to watch him maneuver around the obstacle course set-up and he was able to take the kids out for a ride. I chatted with his sailing instructor on the shore while he sailed around with the kids one at a time. Dick was a sure delight!! At 80 years old still full of life and so excited about this wonderful hobby. I learned several things about sailing and the most interesting is that it is very inexpensive as far as hobbies go. Lucky for me as I think it might be a new favorite summer activity!

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cshel said...

WOW!! What a fun gift. And who knew you could do that in Des Moines?!