Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"B" is for Big Brother

Ever since Avalon was born, this saying has become a favorite of Aden's. At first we thought Aden was so proud. He loved sporting his "Big Brother" shirt and was so proud to show all the nurses at the hospital. He insisted on wearing it not only the first day he came to meet his new sister, but the day after that and the day after that as well. Yes, besides his BYU Cougar blue shirt, it is all he wears. So we knew he was happy with his shirt and liked to say he was a "Big Brother" but we had no idea what was in store. Aden continues to LOVE his "Big Brother" shirt, but the saying itself has several meanings. If Aden appears next to you and you happen to say "You look so handsome today" the reply is usually "me not handsome, me big brother". If Aden successfully opens a door he proudly announces "me a big brother". There are also the times that Aden is sad and crying and you try to comfort him and he says "me not sad, me big brother". Aden is also sure to tell complete strangers "me big brother" usually pointing to his shirt at the same time. It's funny as Aden for the most part has no interest in his little sister, but he sure knows that he is a "Big Brother". Regardless of what Aden means when he says it, we are sure happy that he is "Our Big Brother".

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erica grover said...

he's so cute! Ella does something similar to that. If I say "good job princess!" she MUST correct me and say "I'm not a princess, I'M A BIG GIRL!!" oh the things little kids do and say!